Lionshield's Creed

The Story Thus Far...

Sorren Greycastle, a human ranger, and Jay "Darkleaf" Ophinshtalijiir were retained by the Lionshield merchant company to escort a load of supplies for dwarven entrepreneur Gundren Rockseeker to the tiny village of Phandalin.  To assist the duo, Gundren sent along his cousin Obmi, a cleric of Vergadain, the dwarven deity of Luck, Trickery, Negotiation, and Wealth.

While en route, the trio discovered the dead mounts of Gundren and his mercenary henchman, Sildar Hallwinter.  As Jay investigated, the party was ambushed by a squad of goblins, who were quickly defeated.  All except for one, who quickly ran back to their lair, leaving an easily followed blood trail for the ranger to follow.

Avoiding a collection of traps along the way, they found the goblin lair and a second group of goblins; these too were beaten.  It was not until the party entered the cave that they met a powerful match.  As Sorren attempted to befriend one of the goblin tribe's pet wolves, the wolf instead attempted to bite a chunk out of the ranger's forearm.   Battle ensued, once again, with our heroes victorious.

After a series of skirmishes with what the party discovered were the Cragmaw tribe, they rescued a battered, disheveled Sildar Hallwinter.  A search for loot netted Sorren a pouch containing some coins and three gold teeth.  As Sildar gratefully smiled at his rescuers, they noticed that the three gold teeth had been removed from Sildar's mouth by the cruel Cragmaws.  Sorren quickly returned the teeth to their rightful owner in hopes of his finding a healer to return them to their rightful place.

After a long rest in the town of Phandalin, the party returned minus Sildar.  Amid numerous encounters, Jay managed to charm person one of the goblins.  As a boon for his help in defeating his kinsmen, Jay rewarded him with a small frog statuette with jeweled eyes.  Grateful to his new "friend," he headed off toward Phandalin as she had suggested to him.

The party's subsequent encounters led them to gather information regarding the location of a fabled spellbook and to a showdown at the lair of the Redbrand Ruffians.


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