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  • The Story Thus Far...

    Sorren Greycastle, a human ranger, and Jay "Darkleaf" Ophinshtalijiir were retained by the Lionshield merchant company to escort a load of supplies for dwarven entrepreneur Gundren Rockseeker to the tiny village of Phandalin.  To assist …

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    This is the Wiki for all things of note in my hodge-podge world combining parts from Greyhawk, Faerun, Colville's Collabris, etc.


    [[Demi-gods and Deities]]


    [[Magic Items]]

  • Redbrand Ruffians

    Redbrand Ruffians

    Redbrand Ruffians are petty thugs and ruthless enforcers skilled at intimidation and violence.  They work for money and have no scruples.

  • Vergadain

    Vergadain, also known as The Laughing Dwarf, is the neutral dwarven deity of luck, trickery, negotiation and wealth. While it seems that Vergadain represents the well-know dwarven dedication to the mercantile art of bargaining. …

  • Culture



    [[Caer Sidi]]








    [[Dagger Guard]]

  • Jewel Guard

    The Jewel Guard is a hardy order of monks living in the Sword Mountains. The Jewel Guard shun the use of weapons or magic, taking pride in their own physical prowess and the purity of their service, which is …

  • Maldev



    The Kingdom of Maldev was formed by the unification of the Gold Dwarves and the Shield Dwarves. Throughout their history, they have fought a constant war for …

  • Caer Sidi

    Caer Sidi

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