Percian Icthisus

Sea-touched Human Fighter


Percian is appears as a female youth, she is in fact a lesser avatar (or proclaimed to be) of the cult of Blibdoolpoolp. Indeed Percian has been touched by the sea: her lips are bluish and her flesh has the soft pallor of a drowning victim. She is also unnaturally hairless and tiny scales on her hands indicate some not fully human blood. She wears kraken shell plate armor and typically wields a seaweed shrouded trident.


Percian was sent into Rappan Athuk with a group of similar delvers heavy on fighters and clerics. She survived and did some good – both taking risks faced with an interesting flame puzzle and acting true to her nature by sacrificing gnolls to Blibdoolpoolp.

Source: Dungeon of Signs

Percian Icthisus

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