Lionshield's Creed

Turnaround at Thundertree

After clearing out the Redbrand hideout, Jay and Obmi set out for Thundertree to retrieve the necklace promised to Jay in the Redbrand dungeon.  However, as they approached the ruined town and saw the signs warning of the dangers: "Plants AND Zombies" within, Jay and Obmi decided to come back another day when stronger – hopefully with a healthy Sorren.

As it was late in the day, the duo set up camp to await the morning sun for travel.  Jay took first watch and soon notice a foul odor in the air.  Waking Obmi for his watch, the two decided to scout around to find the source of the stench.  They found a zombie crashing tumble-bumble, pell-mell through the brush.  They quickly defeated the poor undead.  Upon searching the wiry zombie, Jay found a folded-up letter that read:

Dear Elvarno,

Please stay away from the village of Thundertree.  It is dangerous.



Soon thereafter, Jay and Obmi decided to head back to the village of Phandalin and met with Linene Graywind.  While there they sold off some treasure, restocked their supplies, bought a tent, and decided to return to Neverwinter.  Jay surmised that, given Sorren's current state, they would do better with reinforcements, either the purchase of a dog or the hiring of retainers.

At the end of their second day of travel, two swordsmen approached their camp from the highway, crying "Well met," and offering to share their freshly-caught rat if Jay and Obmi would allow them to roast it over their fire.  They agreed, and afterward, the swordsmen, Garm and Whilsen, offered to stand first watch while Jay and Obmi rested.  It was then that Jay suspected danger as she noticed a poorly hidden red sash around Garm's waste.

Using every ounce of Dragonborn presence, she intimidated their guests into admitting that they were Redbrands sent by the Redbrand remnant in Phandalin to avenge the fate of their hideout.  Garm and Whilsen were so intimidated that they ran off, leaving behind a scroll of invisibility in the process.

They then continued their journey to Neverwinter….


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