Lionshield's Creed

The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Once he was returned to full health, Sorren, along with Jay and Father Obmi, returned Phandalin and followed the Rockseeker map to the Phandelver Mine.  Leaving Barbas and Thunderblood at the cart, the trio made their way to the entrance tunnel which led into a large-natural cave supported by central column of natural rock.  Scattered among the stalagmites were weevil-ridden sacks of flour, mouldy bags of salt,  auroch-jerky, lanterns, picks, awls, spades, and the corpse of a dwarven miner who Obmi immediately recognized as his cousin Tharden, one of the trio of dwarves who lawfully had claim to the Phandelver Mine.

As Jay and Sorren examined the large pit leading to the lower level, Obmi put on a brown-and-yellow chasuble and began giving Tharden his Last Rites holding the Gold Coin of Vergadain.  Finishing his ceremony, Obmi, a true servant of the Dwarven deity of Wealth, began stripping his deceased cousin of a supple pair of boots of striding and springing, placing them on his own feet with a nod of self-approval.

Not trusting the rope, Sorren attempted to climb down the walls of the pit to the lower level.  He slipped and fell, landing straight on his back.  Jay followed using the rope to safely lower herself to the floor on the next level.  Obmi, overly confident in his inherent tunnel-travel abilities, tried to climb down the pit wall and ended up falling flat on his back just like the Ranger.

Dusting of their clothes and their pride, Obmi and Sorren, along with Jay headed east into what was once the Mine's entrance.  Here they found a dozen (give-or-take) skeletons of dwarves and orcs liking beneath the welcoming bas-relief carvings depicting dwarves and gnomes engaged in mining and commerce.  As began examining the skeletons on the floor, the trio immediately heard the ravenous screeches of a swarm of vampire monkeys descending from above.  Immediately, one of the swarm sunk his teeth into Sorren's arm, feasting on his blood, while other monkeys attempted to satiate their own hunger on the dwarf and the dragonborn.  However, all three of the adventurers made quick work of the weak monkeys.

Their next encounter did not go as well.  Listening at the door to the old South Barracks, the party heard the gnashing of a trio of ghouls feasting on the remnants of another party of interlopers.  Sorren used his mastery of stealth to his advantage, quietly opening the door, nocking an arrow, and letting it fly into one of the blood-covered undead.  Obmi called on Vergadain and released a burst of sacred flame at one of the beasts.  Jay fired a bolt from her crossbow; this act finally drew the attention of the ghouls from their feeding frenzy to our heroes.

After a vicious battle, that left Jay, Obmi, and Sorren with severe wounds, the ghouls were finally beaten.  Obmi called again upon his deity and managed to cure wounds on his companions, saving a healthy guzzle from a potion of healing to deal with his own damage.

Further searching led to another room, this time with nine ghouls.  After seeing the damage that only three ghouls could do, the party decided to leave the nine ghouls alone and retreated to find a different route.  Their route led them to a room in which the assorted bones of orcs and dwarves reassembled magically into skeletons which attacked the intruders immediately.  Using his mace, Obmi shattered the enchanted bones easily, while Jay launched a trio of magic missles.  Soon, the skeletons were nothing more than a pile of inanimate bone fragments.  A search of the adjoining room (which turned out to be the Assayer's Office) netted the party an iron strongbox loaded with copper, silver, electrum, and gold.  With this boon in hand, the party decided to rest up for the battles ahead.




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