Lionshield's Creed

Showdown at The Redbrand Redoubt

After canvassing the town for rumors, Sorren and Jay found a lad who new a secret entrance to the lair of the Redbrand gang.  For the cost of a gold piece, he led Sorren, Jay, and Obmi to an underground entrance to the abandoned fort in which the Redbrands had set up residence.  They entered a tunnel that lead to the lair of a pitiful, yet dangerous, Nothic.  The cursed former-wizard used all powers at hand, but he was no match for the trio.  Upon his death, a search of his lair netted the party the longsword, "Talon," which had been the prized possession of a knight of the Tressador family, known as "The Black Hawk."  Sorren took possession of it.  

This battle was followed by a melee with some drunken Redbrands, who were quite literally too drunk to fight.  As Sorren, Jay, and Obmit did their best to defeant the Redbrands, the Redbrands were stabbing themselves in the foot, tripping, and almost seemed to be assisting the young adventurers.  Once the Redbrands were beaten, Jay lead the party to take their red cloaks and sashes to disquise themselves.

Their next encounter was with a large rat that gave the Redbrand's leader time to escape with everything but a note which was signed solely be a black spider-shaped sigil instructing the Redbrand's leader to deal with Jay, Sorren, and Obmi by any means necessary.

The ranger soon fell ill and made his way back to the wagon.  Meanwhile, Jay and Obmi continued their exploration, rescuing the Phandalin woodcutter's family.  The woodcutter's wife, Nessa, gave Jay valuable information about the other denizen's for the old Tressador manor and about the Black Spider, who, as it turned out, was not a spider at all, but an elven wizard.

After instructing the family to visit Neverwinter to avoid retaliation by the Redbrands, they continued on to find two "hairy monsters with long ears" bullying a servile goblin.   Once again choosing brains over brawn, Jay convinced the hairy bugbears that their assistance was needed outside.  This gave Jay time to question the pitiful goblin, Droop.

Unfortunately, when Jay and Obmi returned to the wagon, they found the two bugbears, Klarg Jr. and Little Klarg, heading toward poor Barbas the mule.  Jay fired her new light crossbow while Obmi launched his handaxe.  Soon, both bugbears were dead, and the beloved "Bar-bar" was safe.


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