Lionshield's Creed

Rescue at the Old Markov House in Saltmarsh

As Jay and Obmi returned to the Fancy Quarter, they encountered Kedros, an elderly well-to-do confectioner, who hired them to retrieve his grandson from kidnappers.  He provided them with a note which offered to return the child for a ransom of 500 gold pieces, an amount that Kedros claimed not to have on-hand.  Instead, he offered his last 100 gold pieces to them to mount a rescue.

Feeling sorry for the old gentleman, Jay agreed to take on the mission for 75.  Based on information they gathered, they proceeded to the area known as Salt Marsh on the southwestern environs of Neverwinter.  There, they followed an old trail to the old Markov house.

They first had to fight two giant spiders that had taken up residence in the upstairs bedroom.  One skittered down the chimney to attack Jay as she was invesigating a "bright, shiny object" in the fireplace; the other crawled from under the bed to attack Obmi.  After an exhausting melee that was proving to get the better of the dwarf and the dragonborn, Jay got tired of toying with the spiders and gave one of them the full fiery blast of red dragonbreath.  Soon, there was a bright spider-shaped fire crackling in the fireplace.  Shortly thereafter, Obmi crushed the other with the brunt of his mace, splashing a gush of spider-juice all over the room.  The bright, shiny object turned out to be a crystal decanter containing potion of neutralize poison.

After calling on Vergadain for assistance, Obmi was able to cure wounds on Jay.  This was sorely needed, as their search led them to the stables where a human ruffian named Gribble, and two goblins, Pit and Pimple, held Kedros's grandson in an old horse stall.

"Well boys, what 'ave we 'ere?  A snakeskin and a midget.  Get 'em!" ordered Gribble, pulling an obsidian-bladed dagger from inside his vest.

 Jay used charm person to persuade Pit to release the child.  Witnessing this perceived betrayal, Gribble tossed one of his daggers at the charmed goblin and pinned poor Pit to the stable, killing him instantly.  Meanwhile, Obmi seared Pimple with a sacred flame before finishing him off with a blow from his mace.

Seeing the fight quickly going downhill, Gribble agreed to let the rescuers have the boy in exchange for his life.  He quickly ran away as Jay and Obmi prepared to return the boy home.

Once back in Neverwinter, Kedros and his grandson were reunited with our heroes being 75 gold pieces the richer.


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