Lionshield's Creed


After reaching Neverwinter, Jay and Obmi made their way through the "Other" Quarter searching an seller of animals, having no luck.  They saw a half-orc couple with a wagonload of chickens, a dwarf with a burro loaded down with armor, and almost every race imaginable.  They continued exploring this poorer quarter of the city a bit, but they were forced to detour due to a protest that had assembled in the main thoroughfare.    The signs wielded by the protesters were illegible to both Dragonborn Jay and dwarven Obmi.

Their detour lead them to the Fancy Quarter, the home of Neverwinter's Rich and Famous and Infamous.  A brutish guardsman in Neverwinter livery wielding a Glaive-Guisarme barred their entrance until they paid the customary toll, and Jay took this opportunity to persuade the watchman to give her directions.

Their path lead to a shop with all kinds of animals: domestic, wild, and exotic.  Amid the dogs, cats, and chickens were a pseudodragon, a gelatinous cube, and a trio of surly phanatons.  The bespectacled wisp of a matriarch that owned this menagerie led them out back to a stable area where Jay purchased a flawless white foal.

After their shopping spree, Obmi led Jay back to the Other Quarter to the Sign of the Purple Pig.  There the two dined on a stew of pork and beets until their meal was interrupted by two scruffy-looking swordsman and their equally thuggish companion.  It seems they did not like dining in the company of a dwarf, and made it known to both Obmi and Jay.  Jay attempted to intimidate the bullies with her draconic awe; however, they felt safe in their numbers and continued to push for  a fight.  Soon, the three brutes were lying on the floor of the Purple Pig wishing they had not chosen to tangle with the Dwarf and the Dragonborn.  Afterward, Jay and Obmi decided to get their Purple Pig Stew "to-go," and headed out to the Fancy Quarter again in hopes it would be a safer section of town.


robo robo

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