Lionshield's Creed

The Spider's Lair

With Sorren once again slipping into unconsciousness, Jay and Obmi decided to backtrack and explore the Fungi Cavern.  While making their way through, they stumbled across a Myconid-like creature whose spores blinded them rather than pacify them.  Blindly, they managed to defeat the fungal creature, then made their way up a set of stairs to a locked door.

Obmi managed to open the door to find a sleeping elven wizard, and his Grimlock henchman.  Jay opened the round by firing her light crossbow at the gray-skinned minion while Obmi tried and failed to call down Sacred Flame on him.  The commotion awoke the elf, who leapt nimbly from his bed while picking up a black quarterstaff.  He responded to his interrupted sleep by firing a trio of magic missiles at the intruders.

Jay responded by launching a fire-based Chromatic Orb at the Grimlock and the black-robed elf.  The Grimlock was burned to a crisp, but the elf survived … barely.  A moment later, he disappeared.  Once they were certain that he was gone, Jay and Obmi began searching the chamber to find a Dagger +1, a Robe of Vermin, 300 silver pieces, a cleric scroll, and a key.  The key opened a door to the cell holding another of Obmi's Rockseeker cousins, who was very grateful for his rescue.

Going back the way they came, the party loaded up on the wagon and headed back toward Phandalin.  En route, they were held up by bugbear highwayman who identified himself as "Dr. Khlarg."  Jay responded by attempting to Charm him, to no avail.  Jay surrendered the robe to Dr. Khlarg, who immediately put it on, causing him to be attacked by a swarm of unseen rats.  Seeing the bandit distracted, the party urged Barbas (the donkey) and Sun (the foal) and thus their wagon at top speed back to the village where they were rewarded by another 100 gold pieces by the gracious Rockseeker family.

The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Once he was returned to full health, Sorren, along with Jay and Father Obmi, returned Phandalin and followed the Rockseeker map to the Phandelver Mine.  Leaving Barbas and Thunderblood at the cart, the trio made their way to the entrance tunnel which led into a large-natural cave supported by central column of natural rock.  Scattered among the stalagmites were weevil-ridden sacks of flour, mouldy bags of salt,  auroch-jerky, lanterns, picks, awls, spades, and the corpse of a dwarven miner who Obmi immediately recognized as his cousin Tharden, one of the trio of dwarves who lawfully had claim to the Phandelver Mine.

As Jay and Sorren examined the large pit leading to the lower level, Obmi put on a brown-and-yellow chasuble and began giving Tharden his Last Rites holding the Gold Coin of Vergadain.  Finishing his ceremony, Obmi, a true servant of the Dwarven deity of Wealth, began stripping his deceased cousin of a supple pair of boots of striding and springing, placing them on his own feet with a nod of self-approval.

Not trusting the rope, Sorren attempted to climb down the walls of the pit to the lower level.  He slipped and fell, landing straight on his back.  Jay followed using the rope to safely lower herself to the floor on the next level.  Obmi, overly confident in his inherent tunnel-travel abilities, tried to climb down the pit wall and ended up falling flat on his back just like the Ranger.

Dusting of their clothes and their pride, Obmi and Sorren, along with Jay headed east into what was once the Mine's entrance.  Here they found a dozen (give-or-take) skeletons of dwarves and orcs liking beneath the welcoming bas-relief carvings depicting dwarves and gnomes engaged in mining and commerce.  As began examining the skeletons on the floor, the trio immediately heard the ravenous screeches of a swarm of vampire monkeys descending from above.  Immediately, one of the swarm sunk his teeth into Sorren's arm, feasting on his blood, while other monkeys attempted to satiate their own hunger on the dwarf and the dragonborn.  However, all three of the adventurers made quick work of the weak monkeys.

Their next encounter did not go as well.  Listening at the door to the old South Barracks, the party heard the gnashing of a trio of ghouls feasting on the remnants of another party of interlopers.  Sorren used his mastery of stealth to his advantage, quietly opening the door, nocking an arrow, and letting it fly into one of the blood-covered undead.  Obmi called on Vergadain and released a burst of sacred flame at one of the beasts.  Jay fired a bolt from her crossbow; this act finally drew the attention of the ghouls from their feeding frenzy to our heroes.

After a vicious battle, that left Jay, Obmi, and Sorren with severe wounds, the ghouls were finally beaten.  Obmi called again upon his deity and managed to cure wounds on his companions, saving a healthy guzzle from a potion of healing to deal with his own damage.

Further searching led to another room, this time with nine ghouls.  After seeing the damage that only three ghouls could do, the party decided to leave the nine ghouls alone and retreated to find a different route.  Their route led them to a room in which the assorted bones of orcs and dwarves reassembled magically into skeletons which attacked the intruders immediately.  Using his mace, Obmi shattered the enchanted bones easily, while Jay launched a trio of magic missles.  Soon, the skeletons were nothing more than a pile of inanimate bone fragments.  A search of the adjoining room (which turned out to be the Assayer's Office) netted the party an iron strongbox loaded with copper, silver, electrum, and gold.  With this boon in hand, the party decided to rest up for the battles ahead.



Rescue at the Old Markov House in Saltmarsh

As Jay and Obmi returned to the Fancy Quarter, they encountered Kedros, an elderly well-to-do confectioner, who hired them to retrieve his grandson from kidnappers.  He provided them with a note which offered to return the child for a ransom of 500 gold pieces, an amount that Kedros claimed not to have on-hand.  Instead, he offered his last 100 gold pieces to them to mount a rescue.

Feeling sorry for the old gentleman, Jay agreed to take on the mission for 75.  Based on information they gathered, they proceeded to the area known as Salt Marsh on the southwestern environs of Neverwinter.  There, they followed an old trail to the old Markov house.

They first had to fight two giant spiders that had taken up residence in the upstairs bedroom.  One skittered down the chimney to attack Jay as she was invesigating a "bright, shiny object" in the fireplace; the other crawled from under the bed to attack Obmi.  After an exhausting melee that was proving to get the better of the dwarf and the dragonborn, Jay got tired of toying with the spiders and gave one of them the full fiery blast of red dragonbreath.  Soon, there was a bright spider-shaped fire crackling in the fireplace.  Shortly thereafter, Obmi crushed the other with the brunt of his mace, splashing a gush of spider-juice all over the room.  The bright, shiny object turned out to be a crystal decanter containing potion of neutralize poison.

After calling on Vergadain for assistance, Obmi was able to cure wounds on Jay.  This was sorely needed, as their search led them to the stables where a human ruffian named Gribble, and two goblins, Pit and Pimple, held Kedros's grandson in an old horse stall.

"Well boys, what 'ave we 'ere?  A snakeskin and a midget.  Get 'em!" ordered Gribble, pulling an obsidian-bladed dagger from inside his vest.

 Jay used charm person to persuade Pit to release the child.  Witnessing this perceived betrayal, Gribble tossed one of his daggers at the charmed goblin and pinned poor Pit to the stable, killing him instantly.  Meanwhile, Obmi seared Pimple with a sacred flame before finishing him off with a blow from his mace.

Seeing the fight quickly going downhill, Gribble agreed to let the rescuers have the boy in exchange for his life.  He quickly ran away as Jay and Obmi prepared to return the boy home.

Once back in Neverwinter, Kedros and his grandson were reunited with our heroes being 75 gold pieces the richer.


After reaching Neverwinter, Jay and Obmi made their way through the "Other" Quarter searching an seller of animals, having no luck.  They saw a half-orc couple with a wagonload of chickens, a dwarf with a burro loaded down with armor, and almost every race imaginable.  They continued exploring this poorer quarter of the city a bit, but they were forced to detour due to a protest that had assembled in the main thoroughfare.    The signs wielded by the protesters were illegible to both Dragonborn Jay and dwarven Obmi.

Their detour lead them to the Fancy Quarter, the home of Neverwinter's Rich and Famous and Infamous.  A brutish guardsman in Neverwinter livery wielding a Glaive-Guisarme barred their entrance until they paid the customary toll, and Jay took this opportunity to persuade the watchman to give her directions.

Their path lead to a shop with all kinds of animals: domestic, wild, and exotic.  Amid the dogs, cats, and chickens were a pseudodragon, a gelatinous cube, and a trio of surly phanatons.  The bespectacled wisp of a matriarch that owned this menagerie led them out back to a stable area where Jay purchased a flawless white foal.

After their shopping spree, Obmi led Jay back to the Other Quarter to the Sign of the Purple Pig.  There the two dined on a stew of pork and beets until their meal was interrupted by two scruffy-looking swordsman and their equally thuggish companion.  It seems they did not like dining in the company of a dwarf, and made it known to both Obmi and Jay.  Jay attempted to intimidate the bullies with her draconic awe; however, they felt safe in their numbers and continued to push for  a fight.  Soon, the three brutes were lying on the floor of the Purple Pig wishing they had not chosen to tangle with the Dwarf and the Dragonborn.  Afterward, Jay and Obmi decided to get their Purple Pig Stew "to-go," and headed out to the Fancy Quarter again in hopes it would be a safer section of town.

Turnaround at Thundertree

After clearing out the Redbrand hideout, Jay and Obmi set out for Thundertree to retrieve the necklace promised to Jay in the Redbrand dungeon.  However, as they approached the ruined town and saw the signs warning of the dangers: "Plants AND Zombies" within, Jay and Obmi decided to come back another day when stronger – hopefully with a healthy Sorren.

As it was late in the day, the duo set up camp to await the morning sun for travel.  Jay took first watch and soon notice a foul odor in the air.  Waking Obmi for his watch, the two decided to scout around to find the source of the stench.  They found a zombie crashing tumble-bumble, pell-mell through the brush.  They quickly defeated the poor undead.  Upon searching the wiry zombie, Jay found a folded-up letter that read:

Dear Elvarno,

Please stay away from the village of Thundertree.  It is dangerous.



Soon thereafter, Jay and Obmi decided to head back to the village of Phandalin and met with Linene Graywind.  While there they sold off some treasure, restocked their supplies, bought a tent, and decided to return to Neverwinter.  Jay surmised that, given Sorren's current state, they would do better with reinforcements, either the purchase of a dog or the hiring of retainers.

At the end of their second day of travel, two swordsmen approached their camp from the highway, crying "Well met," and offering to share their freshly-caught rat if Jay and Obmi would allow them to roast it over their fire.  They agreed, and afterward, the swordsmen, Garm and Whilsen, offered to stand first watch while Jay and Obmi rested.  It was then that Jay suspected danger as she noticed a poorly hidden red sash around Garm's waste.

Using every ounce of Dragonborn presence, she intimidated their guests into admitting that they were Redbrands sent by the Redbrand remnant in Phandalin to avenge the fate of their hideout.  Garm and Whilsen were so intimidated that they ran off, leaving behind a scroll of invisibility in the process.

They then continued their journey to Neverwinter….

Showdown at The Redbrand Redoubt

After canvassing the town for rumors, Sorren and Jay found a lad who new a secret entrance to the lair of the Redbrand gang.  For the cost of a gold piece, he led Sorren, Jay, and Obmi to an underground entrance to the abandoned fort in which the Redbrands had set up residence.  They entered a tunnel that lead to the lair of a pitiful, yet dangerous, Nothic.  The cursed former-wizard used all powers at hand, but he was no match for the trio.  Upon his death, a search of his lair netted the party the longsword, "Talon," which had been the prized possession of a knight of the Tressador family, known as "The Black Hawk."  Sorren took possession of it.  

This battle was followed by a melee with some drunken Redbrands, who were quite literally too drunk to fight.  As Sorren, Jay, and Obmit did their best to defeant the Redbrands, the Redbrands were stabbing themselves in the foot, tripping, and almost seemed to be assisting the young adventurers.  Once the Redbrands were beaten, Jay lead the party to take their red cloaks and sashes to disquise themselves.

Their next encounter was with a large rat that gave the Redbrand's leader time to escape with everything but a note which was signed solely be a black spider-shaped sigil instructing the Redbrand's leader to deal with Jay, Sorren, and Obmi by any means necessary.

The ranger soon fell ill and made his way back to the wagon.  Meanwhile, Jay and Obmi continued their exploration, rescuing the Phandalin woodcutter's family.  The woodcutter's wife, Nessa, gave Jay valuable information about the other denizen's for the old Tressador manor and about the Black Spider, who, as it turned out, was not a spider at all, but an elven wizard.

After instructing the family to visit Neverwinter to avoid retaliation by the Redbrands, they continued on to find two "hairy monsters with long ears" bullying a servile goblin.   Once again choosing brains over brawn, Jay convinced the hairy bugbears that their assistance was needed outside.  This gave Jay time to question the pitiful goblin, Droop.

Unfortunately, when Jay and Obmi returned to the wagon, they found the two bugbears, Klarg Jr. and Little Klarg, heading toward poor Barbas the mule.  Jay fired her new light crossbow while Obmi launched his handaxe.  Soon, both bugbears were dead, and the beloved "Bar-bar" was safe.

The Story Thus Far...

Sorren Greycastle, a human ranger, and Jay "Darkleaf" Ophinshtalijiir were retained by the Lionshield merchant company to escort a load of supplies for dwarven entrepreneur Gundren Rockseeker to the tiny village of Phandalin.  To assist the duo, Gundren sent along his cousin Obmi, a cleric of Vergadain, the dwarven deity of Luck, Trickery, Negotiation, and Wealth.

While en route, the trio discovered the dead mounts of Gundren and his mercenary henchman, Sildar Hallwinter.  As Jay investigated, the party was ambushed by a squad of goblins, who were quickly defeated.  All except for one, who quickly ran back to their lair, leaving an easily followed blood trail for the ranger to follow.

Avoiding a collection of traps along the way, they found the goblin lair and a second group of goblins; these too were beaten.  It was not until the party entered the cave that they met a powerful match.  As Sorren attempted to befriend one of the goblin tribe's pet wolves, the wolf instead attempted to bite a chunk out of the ranger's forearm.   Battle ensued, once again, with our heroes victorious.

After a series of skirmishes with what the party discovered were the Cragmaw tribe, they rescued a battered, disheveled Sildar Hallwinter.  A search for loot netted Sorren a pouch containing some coins and three gold teeth.  As Sildar gratefully smiled at his rescuers, they noticed that the three gold teeth had been removed from Sildar's mouth by the cruel Cragmaws.  Sorren quickly returned the teeth to their rightful owner in hopes of his finding a healer to return them to their rightful place.

After a long rest in the town of Phandalin, the party returned minus Sildar.  Amid numerous encounters, Jay managed to charm person one of the goblins.  As a boon for his help in defeating his kinsmen, Jay rewarded him with a small frog statuette with jeweled eyes.  Grateful to his new "friend," he headed off toward Phandalin as she had suggested to him.

The party's subsequent encounters led them to gather information regarding the location of a fabled spellbook and to a showdown at the lair of the Redbrand Ruffians.

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